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Default Sunroof Assembly Removal and Replacement

Originally posted by Tubadude

Hey guys, i just replaced the whole assembly in my car.

some tools you will need.
8, 10, 17 mm sockets
phillips and flathead screwdriver
clip puller, or needle nose pliers to pull out clips.
masking or duct tape
blanket/towels, stuff like that.

first thing you gotta do, is take everything off the roof liner, sin visors, rear view mirror, sissy handles, hanger clip thing, lights. all those come off with a phillips sccrew driver, except the light in the rear, which uses the 8mm socket. for the front light, you pry the back of the assembly (towards hood) off

that will pry the cover off, and you will remove 3 phillips screws and that will come off.

now that is all off, time to take the pillars off.

since your car is old (unless you got a time machine and bought it a week ago) the clips may likely break off your pillar. mine were already broken, since some dude tried to take them off without knowing any better, but take off with caution, put the clip puller underneath, and pry up, each one has about 3 or 4 clips. the weather stripping also holds them in, so if they break they will stay in place, pull down in the stripping, and the pillars will come out.

the middle ones (6 total) you need to remove the seat belt hangar. pop the cover off, and use a 17mm socket to remove, and let it hang. those are held in by the stripping, and a few clips.

the rear, are probably the easiest, just unclip, and let them rest on the seat, seat belt can stay on.

now all those are out of the way, start to remove the liner. i think there are 8 screws holding it up, and 5 clips. remove the screws, unscrew that cover that lets you get to the sunroof motor. then pull the rear down, there are 3 clips back there, and 2 up front. (you removed the sunroof trim, right?)

now the fun part, put your seats all the way back, and all the way reclined so they are out of the way. put your shifter in 2nd(auto) or in Reverse (man) and parking brake off.lay a blanket/towel down on the steering wheel, seats, door panels to avoid scratching. run tape around the edges of the roof liner to help avoid scratches. the best way to get this out is through the passenger door. pull down, have the front go through the door first, at a 45-60 degree angle. it helps if you have someone sitting in the driver seat to help guide its way out. it will get caught a bit, so some simple coarsing will get it out in a few minutes.

now, the sunroof will be exposed

remove the clips that hold the wire for the light off the sunroof pan, and get that out of the way. remove the 4 drain plugs on each corners and the wire to the motor (simple clips) now you got 10, 10mm bolts hanging the whole assembly in. remove all but 2, one in the front, one in the back, remove the front one, and hold it while the other person removes the rear, you can lay the assembly down in the car while someone goes around and does the same thing to get it out as the liner. it is easier, since it is smaller, but its heavier, removing the glass is optional, but dosent really help that much.

now that it is out of the car, take a break, you have put about 2 hours into it, if you are working at a seady pace, and without air tools.

speaking of air, now is a good time to clear out your drains if thy are clogged. i brought home my compressor and blew all four out. 3 were clogged, and one was just dandy. 2 were retaining abot a pint of water, which made a pretty decent puddle, and one had a bunch of hay. (farm car???) now those are clean, you're ready for the new one. the sunroof get put in the same way it was taken out. however, i would recommend hanging the roof, and run it a few times to make sure it opens and closes smoothly, and adjust accordingly, one you do that, tighten everything, and run it again. then install everyhing back in, and you're done!

as for the glass only, its alot easier. open the slider, remove the 2 covers on the side, (4 phillips screws) remove the covers, and then remove the 8 10mm bolts, and push the glass out. installation is the same way, just backwards.

mine with no glass

glass and assembly out

i believe thats everything, i still ahve the old stuff if anyone wants detailed pics, let me know.
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Thank you somuch

I think my sunroof is stuck and now i can see the problem I think water am electrical is mixing because no light comes on my sunroof
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