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Originally Posted by Steveman09

Well latly I have noticed there are lots of Legend owners that are lost on how to maintaine thier cars and keep them runing in tip top shape so I decided to make this Thread to help new and current legend owners with the upkeep of thier car.

This will hopfully answer allot of questions and stop multiple thread posts looking for answers.

This covers pretty much everything, but feel free to input if you have an idea or come up with somthing I have missed and I will add it to the list if its accurate.

Enjoy :

Acura Legend Regular Maintance Schedule:

OIL and Filter Changes every 3000miles or 3months whichever comes first, If you drive aggressively on a daily basis and run the engine at High RPM's you should change the OIL and FILTER every 2500miles or 2.5months, if you RACE the engine or drive extremely aggressively you should change the OIL and FILTER every 2000miles, also make sure to use the thinnest oil possible to the point where your engine isnít burning more than 1qt within 3000miles. A well taken care of engine with under 150,000miles can use 5w30 Non-Synthedic or Synthedic (using Synthedic will slightly improve MPG over Reg. Oil and will extend the drain interval to 6000miles) Remember Thicker Oil isnít always better and most of the time just lags the engine and puts more wear and tear on the engine due to the fact that thicker oils donít lubricate as well at Startup and Colder Temperatures until Completely Warm/Hot.

Spark Plugs Changed every 30,000miles, Use OEM Spec NGK V-Power Plugs or Platinum for extended change interval (60k), stay away from most all other plugs especially Split-Fire, Rapid-fire and other Multi Spark Claiming Plugs. Also Inspect Spark Plug wires for Cuts, Nicks, Fraying and other defects. Usually you should change the Spark Plug Wires around the same time you change your plugs. Make sure to change them out with NGK Plug Wires only.

PCV Valve and Hoses should be inspected and Replaced every 15,000miles or if the valve is found to be STUCK or STICKY, simply shake it and listen to it, if it doesnít make CLICKING sounds then its bad and should be replaced. If you find any hoses with cracks, splits or fatigue replace them as they will cause a Vacuum Leak.

Accessory Belts and Hoses should be inspected for cracks, splits or signs of wear every 10,000miles and replaced if any of this signs exist.

Air Filter Should be inspected every 3000miles and replaced every 30,000miles or whenever it becomes dirty and restricts air flow to the engine.

Timing Belt Should be REPLACED every 90,000miles or 72months whichever comes first. Neglecting this WILL leave you with a dead engine when the belt breaks. Also as a General Rule the Water Pump and Tensioner should be CHANGED at the same time as the belt. MAKE SURE TO USE ONLY GENUINE HONDA PARTS!

Power Steering System Fluid should be inspected every 6,000miles for proper level and changed every 60,000miles/24months.

Engine Cooling System should be inspected every 6,000miles by checking the level in the reservoir and radiator (engine cold) to insure Coolant is FULL, the coolant should be CHANGED every 45,000miles or 30,000miles if you live in a cold climate. Also make SURE to use ONLY GENUINE HONDA ENGINE COOLANT. Thermistat should be Replaced whenever the Coolant is changed, also inspect Radiator for Buildup and Clean if needed. Use a 50/50 MIX of COOLANT and WATER unless PREMIXED COOLANT IS USED.

Battery should be inspected for Proper Water Level every 6,000miles, make sure to use ONLY DISTILLED WATER to Refill Battery.

Valve Adjustment should be preformed every 15,000miles/12months to insure optimum valve timing, engine performance, Valve train life and engine economy.

Ignition Cap & Rotor should be Changed every 30,000miles and replace with ONLY GENUINE HONDA PARTS.

Brake Fluid Should be inspected every 3,000miles to insure the fluid level is FULL and the Fluid in the Reservoir is FREE of Debris or Contaminants, FLUSH Entire Brake System every 30,000miles/36months or whenever the Fluid is Questionable in Color and Appearance. Use DOT3 or DOT4 Brake Fluid, Also the ABS System should be Inspected at this time and Flushed every 30,000miles/36months. NOTE: Make sure to inspect Brake Hoses for cracks, splits or other signs of age and replace if any of these are present at the time of fluid flush.

Rotate Tires every 7500miles/12months to Insure Proper Tire Wear

Fuel Filter should be Changed every 100,000miles or whenever fuel pressure drops below factory specifications, Depending on where you live certain local fuel supplies may require you to change the filter more often then other places.

Automatic Transmission Service should be Preformed every 15,000miles or 12months, this entails a fluid drain and refill as well as changing the filter in the transmission (depending on trans. type) ALLWAYS USE GENUINE HONDA ATF FLUID IN YOUR HONDA AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION AND DO NOT USE ANY AFTERMARKET ADDITIVES.

Manual Transmission Fluid should be Changed every 30,000miles and should be replaced with 10w30 or 10w40 Engine Oil depending on your climate, Preferably Synthedic for Better Cold Temperature Performance and Less Friction which intern makes the gears and internals of the transmission last longer.

Clutch Hydraulic System should be inspected every 6,000miles/6months for proper fluid level and fluid contamination. The fluid should be flushed every 30,000miles/36months, USE DOT3 Brake Fluid ONLY.
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