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Default CAI Using Stock Plumbing

Originally Posted by Body9599

Hey guys...this will be long winded so forgive me.

While I was changing my timing belt and water pump a couple of weekends ago I decided to modify my intake a bit. I've really wanted to do an all out mod on my intake by replacing the black tubing, but those sorts of mods will fail you so fast in a smog test visual inspection. I've also wanted to bring cold air into it from behind the fog light knock out. I thought about getting a weapon r intake because it comes with CARB certification, but couldn't see myself spending 100 bucks on a metal tube that still wouldn't bring me true cold air. I also wanted to see if I could work in a bit of ram air into the design. Here is what I came up with:

I removed the resonator from the fender well. I got 4" aluminum vent hose and created an elbow to go from the resonator hole to the front where the fog light knockouts are. I modified a 3" rooftop vent flashing to make a scoop of sorts by cutting off the flashing portion. If you don't know what a vent flashing is check this PIC This left me with an oval shaped scoop which I pop-riveted to the end of the 4" vent hose. The junction was wrapped in duct tape. The scoop covered with a bit of expanded metal mesh to keep debris out and was mounted where a fog light would go. the other end was mounted over the hole where the resonator was. the rubber piece that was still in place was wrapped with a few pieces of foam rubber in order to provide a seal to the vent hose. A clamp held the hose to that port. After this I plugged the normal intake (square opening beside battery) with a large rag to prevent air flow from the warm engine compartment. About the time that I did this K and N had just come out with their high flow drop in air filter for our air boxes. I dropped one of those in to complete the project. Part number E-0999 Link .

Now my analysis of this project...first the bad:
1) still have restrictive black /square hose for intake
2) can't mount stock fog lights in the future

Now the good:
1) cold air
2) less restrictive air filter (K&N)
3) still pass CA smog without messing with my intake
4) possible ram air at higher speeds
5) no fear of hydro locking engine (If it's raining outside I can just remove my plug from beside the battery)
6) filter shouldn't get as dirty like "in the fender well" cone filters
7) easier to clean filter (It's a pain to open the fender well and those cone filters get dirty I hear)

That’s my analysis...I figure no matter what it's got to be better than stock. The sound is better, but I will not claim huge performance gains. My butt dyno isn't exactly calibrated, but I do think it's a little punchier and has more top end power on the freeway. Cost wise: K&N filter - $50, supplies from Home Depot - $10, not having to screw with intake for the CA smog inspectors - Priceless.

I know the first thing you guys will ask for are folks had my digi on a vacation while I did this so no "construction" pics, but I do have one of the finished intake looking through the fog light knock out. Please feel free to criticize my design and point out any flaws that I haven't thought of. If you have any questions...let me know. Hope this gives you guys some ideas for your own projects...especially you cali people. Later. :2cool:

Like i said i didn't have my cam when i did this so all i can give are the pics i can get without ripping the fender well apart...which i have no desire to do again. The first picture is of my cloth plug...i've got a screwdriver through the cloth to keep it from getting sucked in...highly doubt that it would. Thats a temporary fix until i figure out a better way to close off that opening. The other pic is of the K and N filter in it's place. Thats all i got...if you have any suggestions on how to make a better plug let me know.

Hey Guys,

Recently had my front bumper off to install some driving lights. Since it was accessible I took some photos of inside the fender well...

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