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Default Lubricating Speedometer Cable

Originally posted by cctyler

Sorry for the blurry pics, my camera does crappy macro’s.
It’s -13 degrees celcius here today, so I didn’t cover all the steps with pictures as I was freezing my ass off.

Tools Needed
- crescent wrench
- 12mm open ended wrench
- WD40 or equivalent solvent
- Lubrication grease or graphite filings

Time – 15mins max

Lets begin, locate the coupling where the two cables meet. This can be found just right of the throttle body. Once you’ve located it, put the 12mm wrench on the smaller end of the coupling and the crescent wrench on the other and loosen the coupling.

So we now have two separate pieces of protective sleeve with two smaller pieces of cable inside them, notice one cable has a female end and the other a male. When I did my cleaning, I left the bottom cable alone and didn’t bother to take it out and clean it. If your lower cable is broken…well its going to have to come out, but I have heard that can get tricky replacing it, so hope for the best.

Remove the upper male cable from the protective sleeve and place it to the side, we will come back to that later. I noticed that on my lower cable, the female end was covered in a thick dirty layer of grease. Spray a good amount of WD40 into both ends of the cable, let it drain out. On the lower end of the cable, after spraying the WD40 to loosen up the grease, take a cloth and try to remove as much old dirty grease as possible. Try to clean it up best as possible.

Back to the cable itself, clean the upper cable in WD40 or any other solvent removing any grease. Look for any defects in the cable, if its starting to fray or no longer bends properly, its time to get a new one. After you have the cable nice and clean, liberally spray the clean cable with grease or graphite filings. I used a high pressure low temperature grease that came in a compressed can, it worked great. Before reinstalling the clean cable, go back to the coupling connector and spray a nice layer of grease on the female connector as well in the upper half of the protective sleeve.

Reinstall the speedo cable and connect up the coupling. Take it for a drive and see the results. The key to the procedure is removing the dirty grease from the female connector as well as using a good grease. The first time I did the application I ignored the female connector and only used WD40. It helped a bit, but I went back and used a good grease and made sure the area where the male and female connectors met that there was no clumps of grease and that a fresh coating of grease was applied.
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Default Lubrication of the LOWER section of speedometer cable

***PITA warning***

Start by unscrewing the connection between the upper and lower cables. To improve access to the lower end of the cable disconnect the two hoses from the front of the charcoal canister underneath the brake master cylinder and lift the charcoal canister up out of it's holder and let it hang down as low as it will go. There are also a couple of hoses or wires which can be removed from their midpoint holders to improve access. One other thing you may need to do in order to reach the bottom end of the cable is to break your arm halfway between the wrist and elbow to allow it to bend in three places.

The lower end of the cable fits into an inch and half tall tube on top of the transmission. The tube has a slot on the right side (USDM passenger side) into which one side of a clip resides. This clip is covered by a rubber boot with a bulge at the bottom. I couldn't get the boot to lift off over the clip, but in squeezing and wiggling it, the clip finally came out of it's slot while remaining inside the rubber boot, allowing the cable to detach from the transmission.

Unlike the upper cable, the lower cable has things permanently connected to each end which prevent it from being removed from its sheath. This makes lubricating it somewhat difficult. I first sprayed WD-40 into the top end several times until it began to run out the bottom. Then I connected the piece at the bottom end which sticks out of the sheath to a cordless drill, wrapped a piece of paper towel around it (which I changed periodically to better analyze what was coming out of the bottom end). I set the drill on a chair pointing up and leaned against something so that I could mash the trigger with my knee. I then applied grease in the top end while spinning the cable with the drill. I couldn't get a very good seal with the grease gun so I wound up pressing grease into the top with my thumb. This takes quite a while, but if you keep at it fresh grease will eventually come out the bottom.

In reinstalling the cable, the only problem I ran into was getting the boot back over the clip. It just wouldn't go over it. I tried putting the clip inside the boot and then hooking it up. I tried turning the bottom of the boot inside out, but I couldn't flip it back when I got it down to the clip. What finally worked was this: I turned only one side of the boot inside out and then I was able to twist it around to get it over the clip and then flip the side back out.

Reconnect the lower cable to the upper cable, reinstall and reposition the canister, hoses, and wires, then put some salonpas patches on your upper forearms and you're ready for smooth sailing.

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I need to do this. sigh. damn speedo clicks a lil and tad nervous. Tach does as thats on the list as well.

rate I am going with building a list, the entire car is gonna wind up in my shop room I am working on....biggest problem will to get it back outside in one piece....cuz if I keep tearing stuff out and bring in the house to repair....put back together in my comfy home... although...........could have a really interesting center piece to the whole house. be a HUGE problem if the GF and I ever breakup though!
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If anyone needs help with speedo cables i can get them in and out of the tranny with little problem. MASTER LEGEND SPEEDOCABLER!
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Smile 89 Accura Legend speedo cable

Thanks, James, JKLEDBETTER,Sam Oneala, & legend Joe for the info.. Marty70
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heres some pictures to help since the orginal ones are not showing

Location of the cable

the top half of the cable when you follow the step to unbolt it. This half goes to the speedo in the gauges

You simple pull it out and clean it, then use good grease as stated, then you feed it back in the holder.

in my case this was very easy and did not take more than 30 minutes. I clean off the old grease very well because it was glue lick and was causing a lot of bouncing on the speedo and clicking noises.
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