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Default Speedometer Housing Replacement

Originally posted by body9599

Hey Guys

Replaced my entire speedometer cable last night. I was getting the typical jumpy speedo needle, lubing the upper cable did very little. I would also get the surging in cruise control due to the fact that the computer didn’t know how fast I was going. Finally when I was in Mammoth…the lower speedo cable broke in half and left me with a dead speedometer for the drive home and for the last two weeks while I waited for my parts. The part I ordered was the entire cable assembly…cables and housings. The part number is 78410-SD4-A01 $29.

I won’t be doing a full DIY for this because quite frankly the job pissed me off and I quit taking pictures. It was a job that I thought would be easy, but ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve done…from a pure accessibility standpoint…my right arm and hand are still sore from contorting. With that said…here is how it went down.

I disconnect the cable at the midpoint …first removed the lower portion…reached down between the brake lines and toward the back of the engine following the cable down. There is a rubber boot covering a clip that holds the cable housing into the speedometer gear. Once I got the rubber boot up…doing all this by feel as there is no way to see down there…the clip came out easily and the cable housing came out easily…don’t lose the clip.

To reinstall…transfer the rubber boot from the old cable to the new one. Here you can see my lower cable broken in two.

Route the new housing and cable back there and insert into the gear housing…this is tough because you also need a flat screwdriver to rotate the cable so that the alignment notch lines up…also can be difficult because it needs a pretty straight insertion. Once you have it down far enough for the clip grove to line up with the clip groove in the gear housing…replace the clip and cover with the boot you saved from the old cable. Ok now that was the easy part.

If you are going to install a new upper housing…do NOT do what I did…do NOT remove the housing with out following it with a guide wire or rope. I had to remove the black vacuum control box to access the grommet in the firewall.

I also removed the gauge cluster to expose the speedometer cable and housing. From here I just ripped the housing out through the engine bay…big mistake. I assumed there would be some sort of guide so that reinstallation of a new housing would be simple…wrong! That’s what I get for assuming. With the cable removed I cleaned out the gauge cluster which had had some oil/grease at the connection point to the speedometer cable…I also removed the ABL light while I was here…no more yellow light for me.

Getting the housing back in basically took 2-3 hours of trying different things like guide wires. What finally worked was removing the lower dash panel…getting under there and guiding the cable in through the firewall and up to the place where the gauge cluster sits…it was one of the most uncomfortable situations I had been in as the cable is far up…above the clutch pedal…this may be easier on automatic legends.

Once the cable was routed reinstallation was pretty simple as far as the gauge cluster goes. The firewall grommet was another beast all together. There is such a small amount of space to work that I finally just said “to hell with it”. I may try again sometime, but I was just too frustrated at the time.

So with that said…the new cable and housing works great…the needle is rock solid…never seem one like it. Haven’t tried cruise control yet but I am confident it will work flawlessly now. The cable and housing come pre-lubricated so no problems there.

So to sum it up…lower portion is tough, upper portion is friggen hard. Good luck if you attempt it…you may be interested in just replacing the cable. I however had quite a bit of funky black/brown grease that had worked into the speedometer so I felt replacement of the upper housing was in my best interest…I still think it was. The lower portion housing has to come out with the cable so there is no reason not to replace that part. Hope this helps someone down the line…run a guide wire when you remove the upper housing!!!
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Default Replacement Speedometer cable

It is hard to find a OEM (2 piece) cable even at junk yards. I bought an aftermarket one on eBay for less than $30. Here is what to search for: It a single cable and comes without boots, grommets, etc. But it does work fine in my 90 Coupe. It is not an easy job but take your time with each step. You cannot see what you are doing on the tranny end so be careful that you don't lose the clip when you pull the boot up. You will have to remove the instrument cluster to get the old cable out. Just cut the speedo end off the old upper cable and pull it back through the firewall. The firewall grommet will give you fits if you do not lubricate it with something before putting in the new cable. I used Amor All. Thread the new cable starting inside where the cluster mounts through the firewall grommet. Then connect the other end to the tranny using the clip and the old boot.
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