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Default MSD-6A Perfomance Igntion Install

This is for an Acura Legend 2.7 Litre. I have done this modification to my '89 Coupe, but I'm not using the factory Igniter Unit. However, this is how it should install on a factory ignition system. This D.I.Y. utilizes the factory Acura ignition coil, which actually produces MORE voltage for spark than the Blaster/Blaster 2 coils will from MSD.

I have provided two pictures. The first is the MSD manual wiring diagram. The second pic is from a 1990 Sedan wiring diagram, which should be the same for all the 2.7 Litres, as far as ignition wiring is concerned anyway. Both pics include photoshopped notes. You should be able to wire it up just by seeing the pics.

NOTE: In the pics, RED X = Cut connection or not used
THICK BLACK LINES = Ground Connections

There are 2 blue wires and 2 black wires coming from the coil:

BLUE WIRES: One of the blue wires is the lead for the factory tach, which should not be used after the install. Instead, use the tach lead on the MSD box to signal the tach/cruise/a/t module. The other blue wire is the signal wire from the igniter to the coil. This wire should be cut, with the coil side going to MSD ORANGE WIRE and the igniter side going to the MSD WHITE WIRE.

BLACK WIRES: The black wire from the igniter to the coil should be cut. The igniter just needs a ground here, so ground it somewhere near the MSD box, but do not spice it in with the other black wires in the ignition wiring. The coil side of this wire should go to the MSD BLACK WIRE.
NOTE: The second black wire coming from the coil, which runs to the radio noise condenser, is actually spliced into the first black wire, just inside the coil. Technically, you can leave this wire alone, as seen in the picture. HOWEVER, the radio noise condenser MAY INTERFERE with the operation of the MSD system. I'm not sure, because I didn't take the risk. Instead I took this wire and spliced it in with the MSD BLACK wire along with the other black wire from the coil. (NOT shown in the pic, but this I recommend.)

If you cannot figure out the rest of the wiring, you don't belong under the hood. All other wiring should be done in accordance with the MSD manual. Make sure to use sufficient gauge wire, and the correct fuses for current draw.

Oh, oh yeah, STEP 1: Disconnect battery.....

If power is hooked up, and you're messing around with loose ignition wires, and you ground, then un-ground the white or orange wire (by hitting up against anything metal, for example), you could activate the coil, and you could end up with enough voltage running through you to stop your heart. This would not be good. Let's have some sense when working with electricity, OK?

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step 0, read all instructions before starting. You never know, step 1 might be at the end.
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