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Lightbulb OBX Headers (G2) appear to be back on the market

Headers for a G2 Acura Legend are all over the internet and you best be ready to pay to play.
But what's ironic is that I'm pretty sure and I've never priced other headers / these are still quite cheaper than for most other cars that might do well with headers if you will.
Now, my advice would be to stop reading unless you want to read some really goofy stuff That's some may find entertaining and some or most - may find reprehensible.

I must preface this by saying oh my gosh, The price has doubled since I bought mine in 2013 ish...I'm fairly certain the year was ish.

They're all over eBay It seems and perhaps some performance websites.

I'm upwards of 200K ish miles on my batch of headers made by OBX that I bought and had installed by a muffler shop because you have to do a lot
Or perhaps just a little fabricating if you will or better a lot of the engine has to come out to get them in there properly.
And I'm pretty sure that's more than hearsay����
Random website I just found some

So I just wanted to let everyone know - all 17 of you that still have an Acura Legend G2 and are in search of headers, they're out there now. And let me tell you they are a fun modification once you get them put on properly, And you get what's considered full exhaust with 2.5" diameter front to rear with a muffler of your choice is the best way to go and the proper way to go. The best air flow from front to rear.

My choice is Stromung in terms of muffler and I am without a cat (must have been stolen or something still not sure ����) and other modifications and your legend maintained properly, The sound is So Dadgummed sweet, It might make you sob from time to time.

You will find yourself if your car or your legend rather is lowered properly In May have a little racy look to it which is funny because these cars were totally made for cruising... I just said years ago which end up being many years of most of the guys and girls on here, not so fast my friend we're going to make this old four-door sedan or two-door coupe a little bit of a hot rod. JDM version if you will.

And also this is just another unique aspect of a G2 legend where if you buy a batch of OBX headers with the proper muffler and even a b pipe made by Stromung as well -you got a heck of a setup.

And a beautiful unique loud and not too loud ... I love the coolness factor that you will not hear another car I've ever heard that sounds like it.

Again with the uniqueness.
Now When you're rolling on interstate beyond 3,000 RPMs it can get a little bit unnerving but I'm used to it and wouldn't know what to do without it. Going on dates in it are quite challenging because you know girls like to talk or wives and whatnot, and they sort of have to kind of yell at you for you to hear whatever it is they're saying.

However a batch of these suckers are now $500 plus and back ish 5 plus years ago you were looking at not even half that amount or about half that amount for a new batch or a set of headers made by OBX. And of course this goes back to demand and there's not a lot of demand really for anything G2 Acura Legend Wise which is a shame.
Because they ride like nothing else and they're kind of sporty might have a little rust you know but it's your legend and they're very well made 25 plus years ago. Too bad they weren't RWD like the engine indicates but that indication is wrong. It's kind of messed up but the Japanese did it for handling purposes.I wonder where they would handle like RWD.
Don't guess we'll ever know that answer If you got one please please chime in.

Now a little bit more of a tangent I'll be done / there's gentlemen Or perhaps a feller who's on this board a lot selling stuff that he finds wherever and I have bought a lot from him because I couldn't find a particular part anywhere else and most the time he will go out of his way to get it done for you or find what you're looking for.

And I'm in Nashville and our junk yards if you will are so spread out It's quite a mission to find a part that's no longer made. And let me tell you when you find something that aren't made bitterness sets in... but to this day I've never been able to not find whatever it is at some point.

That's where the fun part comes in because you're going to be one of a kind.
I don't work for OBX I just know that they made a pretty good product with these headers that have lasted me a lot of miles with zero issues.

Here's the kicker, I must have gotten a nice batch and the reason I say that is the batch that was manufactured before the batch I received that batch wasn't very well manufactured... It was simply a bad batch.

A fortunately received a good batch and I wonder about the new batches.
Here's why I wonder about the new batches / The price is now double probably because they're less legends now than there were even in 2013... Says any Mr obvious.

Anyway to wrap up a ways to long goofy tangent filled comment about headers are available again, I just wanted to give you all heads up.

And I ran a Remus specific for many many years and it's on a hot rod coupe right now north of me & has some power as it's F1, and it might be black I don't know. This young man has my original Remus specific I bought in 2003 on his Ka8.

And one last silly goofy comment that A lot of the older gentlemen and/or fellers may not care much for or believe even. I will say it anyway... I get revved at all day long Well quite frequently usually by mustangs and 350Zs. Pretty unique cars said no one. But you know yo they fast. Or can be you know.

I really giggle under my breath because I'm sitting here with $1,000 car 26 years old And I still think it looks very or somewhat modern enough anyway.
And don't tell me how a Legend doesn't have soul because they do have soul. And the soul becomes even bigger with a batch of good headers made by OBX on there.

Go snag you some as you won't be disappointed after they're installed anyway.

Cheers everybody and I hope everybody's doing well staying well and most important being good.
Do unto others as you would have them do to you or something to that effect.

Just joshing and being silly.

Y'all take care of ... it's been A couple of minutes since I've been on be good and be safe for real bigok:

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Midge are you okay up there in Nashville rambling all over the forum like this?
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Originally Posted by 94LegendaryAcuraGS View Post
Midge are you okay up there in Nashville rambling all over the forum like this?
Yes sir Mad Scientist, I'm perfect North of you just a few hours.
I've got this writing itch im me now, So I figured I would go not only overboard but beyond overboard.

Doing well once again and I hope you are as well and as always think to myself, I can't wait to shake your hand one day. Of course nowadays it may end up being a fist bump or an elbow bump, And it really doesn't matter.
Let's make it happen.

blu Is waiting on paint or its owner to figure out the direction he wants to go with the paint and the painter and I'd say by spring you will see a really cool shade of blue... Or better, a different shade of blue.

This crazy G2 has been a part of my life now for 17 years and drove it today and I still cannot get enough of this 27-year-old still with the C32 original engine running great somehow someway, and just having a lot of fun with it still after all these years.

Now to finish off people do ask now to buy it frequently and I'm thinking they're thinking that I'm going to say yeah 800 bucks and it's yours.
And I always get asked If it's an MT. Nope but it's got a semi-aggressive four-speed AT lol

That's because it's two colors Now once it's painted I will not get asked one time to sell it.
If I do I'll be really surprised.

Thanks for checking on me brother Shaka... And you take care of my friend 🤜🤛
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