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Default KA3 J35A4 + 6 Speed Swap

The day has finally come to do a J35A4 6 Speed swap.

Removed the 6 speed LSD tran from the J32A3 that i got from a wrecked 2005 Acura TL Type S. You are probably wondering why i didn't use the J32A3 is because its DBW (Drive By Wire Throttle Body) which mean headache. Lets keep it simple with the J35.

A old trick lots of people use for Auto-Manual Swap is to keep all sensors attached.

Here are the Axles comparison between Legend/TL/Odyssey

J35A4 is Finally attached to the J32 6 Speed transmission. It bolt up perfectly for the most part.

We planning on using all the stock Legend engine mounts if possible. Here is a picture of the mount installed.

The J35A4 from the odyssey have a different rear mount so we wont be able to use the stock mount for the rear.

The engine mock up has began.

Clearance may seem tight, but it fits like factory. I am a happy camper knowing that it will work.

Dont mind the rust. This chassis is a race car build.

Glad the 6 speed transmission clear the caster rod.

Also clear the side as well.

Odyssey and Acura TL use a female mid shaft, instead i decide to use a 2002 Honda Accord J30 male mid shaft instead and it fits perfectly on the J35.

Clean up the old greasy engine bay.

Everything that is not necessary must go eventually. Its going to be as light as possible.

The motor and transmission just sitting through the cold winter.

I decided to take a total measurement making sure my axle combo is going to work for the swap.

Its Exactly 57 inches from hub to hub.

The axles and mid shaft are being measure before hand.
Passenger Side Axle combo is J30 11- 3/4 inches Mid Shaft with H22 Prelude 19 inches Axle 17 splines to 19 Spline

Stock Acura Legend Driver side axle 20 inches 18 splines to 19 splines

Custom fab steel plate to fit the legend side mount on the J35.

It looks nice and stock. Couldn't be any happier.

Made a plate for the front mount to raise it above the ground and allow the mount to sit back a little.

Getting ready to weld the front engine mount plate onto the front subframe.

Putting a steel plate for the rear mount and also using the stock bolt holes location.

We removed the stock side mount bracket up a little to mount the J35. This is one of the harder obstacle.

Finished welding the front plate and painted it flat black. I know its not straight, but its level.

Two mounts are done and functional. Two more to go!

We've been brainstorming what to use without having to pay out of pocket to buy a rear mount. So we decided to use two G1 Doggy Bone Mount and weld them together to make one for the J35. Make use of the spare parts laying around. Top left mount was intended for the transmission mount but it wont work for now.

Test fitted and it will work.

Put the engine in for the 5th time to mock up this rear mount. Getting ready to tack weld it in place.

Side mount looks great.

Front mount looks good too.

transmission is too close to the wall so we wont be able to use our little mount we made earlier.

Making sure the engine is level and equally balance Left and Right.

Finally we finished the rear mount. Grinded down all the welds and painted.

Engine is all mounted up. Its truly a monster now.

We won't be getting away with Hood Clearance. Needs to be cut to fit the massive plenum.

As you can see, its like 4-5 inches above the hood with with the J35 in the bay.

Another good news is that we manage to clear the transmission from the rear sub frame.

We already got the clutch line and fuel line all situated. Its almost plug and play.

We began wiring inside the cabin.

I custom fitted the key assembly and immobilizer to fit the legend steering column.

ECU is just temporary mounted until we get it up and running.

To Be continued...
JDM 89 Acura Legend C27A

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