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Marketplace Rules

Amended 2013-08-11

Anyone choosing to conduct any sort of transaction with another member does so at their own risk and expense.

As individuals, you need to take responsibility for your own actions, and you need to take responsibility for the fact you are dealing with strangers on the Internet. AcuraLegend.Org is not a professional sales service and is provided free and without any kind of guarantee or liability in any sales transactions between members. We will not ban people because you claim they ripped you off. Make use of the iTrader buyer/seller feedback system. However, if the moderators find you to be a problematic seller or buyer, we reserve the right to ban you for the sake of maintaining a positive, user-friendly site.

The Marketplace is a mature section where business transactions take place. Failure to abide by the rules will result in your posts being deleted, repeated offenses will result in your account being banned. It is worth your time to read these rules if you value your account.

Your use of The Marketplace section implies that you acknowledge the risk involved and that you have read and agreed to abide by the following:

1. This is a place of business
If you expect someone to deal with you, use professional courtesy. Avoid using Internet shorthand (abbreviations like "u", leet speak, text talk like "OMG W/E TTYL!", anything that makes you look twelve years old when you post it). Before posting, click 'preview post' and read over your post.

2. Thread Crapping
Thread crapping is anything unrelated to the topic at hand or that impedes on a seller's ability to see their item. Some examples:
* Making fun of other peoples offers.
* One-emoticon posts
* Excessive swearing and pointless insults
* Extremely low-ball, unrealistic offers.
* Anything along the lines of "That price is too high!"
* ANYTHING off-topic.

Moderators have the final say in what is thread crapping and what isn't. Don't get angry if your post gets deleted, just read the rules again. Marketplace threads are not for "chatting", IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN AN ITEM, DO NOT POST IN THE THREAD!!

3. Price comparisons
You are not allowed to compare price, quality or anything else of someone's items in their thread. Example, if someone is selling an intake for $6,000, and you say, "Well, the same thing is only $20 at". It is their thread - they can sell their item at whatever price they want, and they are free to adjust their prices without your support. Price comparisons are considered thread craps and your post will be deleted. We are all adults here and a good buyer should do their own price comparisons and research prior to buying.

4. Multiple Accounts
Do not attempt to make multiple accounts to make yourself look good. We are watching. Multiple account syndrome is bannable for BOTH your new AND original accounts!

5. Starting & Maintaining Your Thread
A) Please maintain no more than three active threads in each of the "For Sale" sections. You may request that threads for which items have sold be closed and rendered inactive so that you may begin a new thread. If you have multiple parts for sale, please consolidate all of your items into the permitted number of threads. When you sell an item, edit the original post to mark that item as sold. This rule does not apply to Group Buys, Cars for Sale, Not Mine, or the Merchants' Corner sections.
B) There are no limits set to the number of WTB or WTT threads allowed, but members should maintain reasonable limits. Excessive posting will be controlled by the moderators at their discretion.
C) The "Parting Out" section will be used exclusively for that purpose. All car part-out threads are to be posted in this section. You may post one thread per car. Part-out threads posted in any other section may be moved or deleted at the moderators' discretion. Individual items that belong in the regular "For Sale" sections if found to have been posted here will be deleted.
D) Threads with no activity for 90 days are automatically locked. If you have an old thread with parts still available, be sure it bump it once in a while to make sure it doesn't get locked. This rule does not apply to the Merchants' Corner section.
E) "Feeler" threads are not allowed. Your item is for sale or it isn't. The exception to this rule applies only to potential group buys. All other items must be listed with an intent to sell or trade.
F) All threads must be posted to the appropriate sections. Failure to do so may result in the thread being deleted without warning. Repeated offenses can be cause for the suspension/revocation of selling privileges and/or banishment.

6. All posts MUST have the following at the beginning of the thread title:
WTB (want to buy)
WTT (want to trade)
FS (for sale)

These are prefixes that are available to choose when you create a thread, you do not need to type them into the Subject line. This saves a lot of time when somebody is searching to buy or sell a part.

Also helpful: please consider having some model designation in the thread title to further help buyers identify what it is that you're selling (G1/G2/KA2/KA7/KA9 etc)

7. Teaser Threads
"Teaser" threads allow for members to post an item that will be for sale in the coming days. This will also allow for the item to be viewed by members that do not sign in daily before they actually go up for sale or before someone can call "dibs". Teaser Threads will be allowed as long as the following criteria are met:
A) The item MUST be pictured
B) A description of the item's details and condition MUST be stated
C) The pricing details MUST be posted within 72 hours of the original posting

Failure to meet this criteria may result in your thread being deleted.

8. Bumping and Replying
A) You get one bump per day PERIOD. Excess bumps will get a warning, followed by a trip to the garbage bin if it continues.
B) Idle banter is not allowed in the Marketplace sections. All exchanges must be specific to the sale of the item.
C) Please do not post things like "PM sent" or "cool part".

9. Inclusion of Pictures
Would you ever buy anything at the store without first seeing it? Most people won't. The easiest way to sell your item is to include a picture. You can upload your pictures to a place like Imageshack or Photobucket and then link them to this site for reference. If you don't know how to post photos, see here: LegendWiki - Misc: Posting Photos on the Forum

10. Pricing
All items for sale (with the exception of newly posted Teaser Threads) must include an asking price. Saying "PM me for price or with offers" or "best price above $XXX takes it!" is unacceptable. This is not eBay and it is not Let's Make a Deal. All threads found with items for sale without a price will be immediately deleted. For obvious reasons, cars being entirely parted out in the "Parting Out" section need not list and price each part. .

11. New Users
Users with fewer than 50 posts or less than 6 months of membership are restricted from posting ads in the marketplace. Please do not complain about it, it's there for everyone's protection. Also, your 50 posts MUST be legitimate, worthwhile posts! If we catch you (and believe me we do notice!) posting one word, BS posts in gallery or OT threads, we will not only delete them (bringing you back down to zero) but you will also receive a warning. Continued violation of this rule can lead to a Ban from ever selling anything here or just getting banned from the whole forum altogether.

12. iTrader and Problems with Transactions
iTrader and complaints about other members (e.g. call out threads):
Use of the iTrader system is crucial to our Marketplace. This system will let future members know the type of buyer/seller that you and others are. If you have a bad transaction with someone, failing to leave appropriate feedback through iTrader will only allow them to have negative transactions with other members in the future.

If a deal goes south (as they sometimes do...let's be real here), we ask that you do everything you can to correct the issue behind the scenes. If that does not work, we ask that you please refrain from making a "call out" thread and, rather, use the iTrader system as the medium to inform other members of the negative experience. Call out threads may get your point across, but it will also bring drama to the surface which is something the majority of the members here hate having. The iTrader system will keep track of those with negative feedback and will highlight them in the main iTrader page located here:

We cannot make rules to tell you HOW to do business, but use of Paypal and/or credit cards allows the buyer (and seller) at least a minimal layer of protection should the transaction go south. For this reason we highly recommend using some type of service like these when doing business on the Internet. USPS Money Orders sent via Certified Mail are also a great layer of protection for those not able or willing to use PayPal.

To best protect yourself, you should adhere to PayPal's policies as stated in their user agreement. Amongst other things, it is against PayPal's User Agreement to require the buyer to pay a surcharge for the use of PayPal; and a seller may not request the buyer send the payment in the form of a Personal Payment. Please read and understand PayPal's User Agreement if you choose to use PayPal as your method of payment.

Something else you guys (and gals) should be doing with all transactions is getting a contact phone number, and a physical address, even if you're paying with PayPal. Call the other person to verify the phone number. Don't be scared, we're all friends here.

Any questions, comments, or complaints should be directed to your local moderator or administrator.
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Forum-wide rules

All members of this forum are subject to the rules listed below. Refusal to comply with these rules will either result in the issuance of infraction points that, when accrued, can lead to either a temporary or permanent ban from this forum.
  1. All discussions within the forum must be conducted in a civil manner. No personal threats, racist, sexist or strong homophobic language, or unwarranted inflammatory remarks will be tolerated.
  2. NWS (Not Work Safe) material is not allowed. Links containing strong language or suggestive images are allowed with sufficient “NWS” warnings, but no gore and no nudity will be allowed outside of private VIP forums. Be considerate of the most conservative of work places when trying to decide what would be considered NWS material. If you are unsure of whether or not media that you plan to post would be considered NWS, you are advised to use the [HIDE][/HIDE] code to hide the content. Members browsing from work should be aware that clicking the "Unhide" button will allow you to view whatever NWS material was hidden.
  3. Links to Internet content with the intent of causing negative computer behavior (crashing browser, forcing you to reboot, etc.) will not be allowed.
  4. All discussions are to remain on-topic. Posts that significantly stray from the original discussion will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the moderating staff and/or at the Original Poster's request.
  5. Do not post anyone else's personal information here. Do not post content contained within PM (Private Messages) or any other communication medium outside of the forum without the consent of the other party.
  6. If you feel someone has insulted or is harassing you, take the issue up with them via PM or any communication medium outside of the forum. Do not publicly conduct personal arguments on the forum. If harassment continues, contact a Moderator or Administrator via PM or the “Report this post” button.
  7. No discussion of involvement in illegal activity of any kind is allowed. This includes street racing involvement, illegal drug use, and pirated software/movies/music.
  8. Public report requests are not allowed. Running VINs for anyone other than the account holder is against their ( TOS.
  9. If you are reprimanded for breaking a rule, don't complain about the moderating staff. Either take your issue up with the forum administrator or leave the forum if you refuse to abide by the rules.
  10. Creating an alternate forum account with the intention of circumventing a ban will result in the permanent banning of both your original and new accounts.
  11. All members must have 50 posts or have been a member for 6 months before allowed to post anything for sale.
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