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Originally Posted by Quaraxkad View Post
I had both of those printed out when I did my swap! Very useful.

Check this out too before you start the swap... IMO you should at a MINIMUM change the timing belt/water pump when doing the swap... way to big of a pain to do with the engine in place.
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I love you guys so many thanks for info. Yesterday, I almost prepeared 3,2 to take out. If everything will be going fine today i will take it out, and start to prepear 3,5 to put in. All these photos will make my tribulations much easier.
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Default 3.5 legend SWAP - Differential fill bolt is 17 mm not 20mm

In a previous post i read that the Differential fill bolt for the 3.5 Legend SWAP with the differential from the 3.5 TL had a filler bolt size of 20mm.

This was not the case for my application, the Differential fill bolt was 17mm.

Not sure if anyone else had read the forum describing that the differential filler bolt for the 3.5 SWAP engines was a 20mm bolt. - it seemed like on odd choice.
Just in case, the differential filler bolt in my application was a 17mm.

To access the filler bolt I chose to use the channel via the passenger side outer CV Boot. Using that open area I used a longer extension to gain access to the differential gear oil filler bolt.

4 jack stands
3/8 ratchet
3/8 - 12 in extension
5/8-in OD. 4 foot tube
17mm socket
2 - 987ml (1-qts) of Castrol Gear Oil 80w-90w limited slip

I lifted the car using jack stands - follow all safety precautions.
Then I loosened the differential gear oil filler bolt first to ensure I can fill it before draining all the fluids and find out I can not add gear oil.

Filler Bolt:
As mentioned previously, I used a 3/8in 12 inch extension and 17mm socket via the passenger side CV boot area to get proper leverage and break the bolt loose, then left in place, hand tight.

Loosen the Drain bolt:
Using a 3/8 ratchet, I loosened the bolt to bleed the differential oil.
This is a bolt with a 3/8 fitting.

Fill process:
Left car and drain the differential gear oil using a 3/8 ratchet, I loosened the bleed bolt to bleed the differential gear oil by hand. - make sure to have towels and a drip pan to catch about 1.2 to 1.3 qts of fluid.

After the draining, make sure to level the car after to ensure you have an even plane when refilling the differential gear oil. I lifted the rear of the car to match the current height. I used four jack stands to maintain level plane.

I used a 5/8in (OD) 4 foot tube and funnel to add the fluid. I snaked the hose via the right exhaust manifold then hooked up into the gear oil fill hole in differential. I had someone assist me fill the tube directly from the 1 qt bottle with the nipple cut using 3/8 in opening.

Using gravity I filled the differential. I had to use 2 bottles each bottle was
987ml (approx. 1 Qrt) To fill, I use on full bottle and a small portion of the second bottle. I used Castrol 80w-90w limited slip differential gear oil.

Allowed the fill to occur until the oil bled back out naturally from gravity.
The place the fill bolt hand tight.

Taking all safety precautions, I started the car in the air and allowed the gears to move using first gear oil. Be very careful the car does not move or fall.

Again, filled and allowed the differential gear oil to bled back out naturally from gravity. The place the fill bolt hand tight. then torque to specifications.

Lower car, job is done.

I hope this was helpful

jrod42 - 95 Legend Coupe LS 3.5 SWAP.
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