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Default 3.5 Swap Parts Differences and Interchanges

Identical Parts

A/C Compressor (93-95 Legend only, 91-92 must use Legend or change manifold)
A/C Belt Tensioner and Bracket
Belts - Alternator, Power Steering and A/C
Camshaft Front Seal
Camshaft Rear Plug
Crankshaft, Rear Main Seal
Crankshaft, Rear Cover (rear main housing) and o-ring
Crankshaft, Front Seal
Cylinder Head Bolts
EGR Valve & Lift Sensor
EGR Bracket (on head)
Flexplate/Flywheel (Automatic only)
Idle Control Valve (IACV/EACV)
Intermediate Shaft & Bearing (shaft that goes through oil pan for driver's side axle to differential)
Orifice, Camshaft Bearing
Orifice, Lifter
PCV Valve
Power steering pump
Power steering upper bracket
Starter (uses slightly different design but 100% compatible)
Sensor, Oxygen
Sensor, Knock
Sensor, Coolant Temperature
Sensor, Coolant Gauge
Sensor, Cam Position (93-95 Legend only, 91-92 must use Legend sensor)
Sensor, Throttle Position (93-95 Legend Type II with TCS only – up facing sensor)
Sensor, Oil Pressure
Sensor, Map (relocated on fuel rail but it’s the same part #)
Thermostat “goose neck”
Valve, Intake (Type I only, type II I 1mm larger)
Valve, Exhaust
Valve, Lifters/Tappets
Valve, Rocker Arms
Valve Seal

Parts that are eliminated

Engine oil cooler (eliminated)
*Deleted, area where this once occupied is now occupied by the balance shaft.

Differential cooling pipes and hoses.
*RL has an un-cooled differential

PAIR System
*When compared to a type I 3.2 motor the pair system is completely eliminated. You must change the driver’s side exhaust manifolds, PAIR pipe and type I 3.2 intake manifold to retain this emission system. Note that type II 3.2’s don’t have the PAIR system.

Air boost valve
*Air boost valve is eliminated.

Oil Temperature Sensor
*eliminated from rear of passenger’s side valve cover, but bung is still there. See valve covers for more info.

Parts that are added

Balance Shaft
*A balance shaft was added to the passenger side of the block.
*It’s inclusion changed the casting of the block significantly.
*It is obviously an engineering after-thought.
*At the rear of the block, one of the mounting ears was extended in a semi-circle to clear the balance weights. Therefore, one of the bell housing bolts on the legend transmission will not line up to it.
*It is driven off a separate cog on the crankshaft pulley and uses a separate belt and tensioner mounted to the oil pump.
*The balance shaft runs external to the block in a tube to from the front gear drive to weights in the rear closest to the flywheel.
*The shaft spins out of sequence with the crank and requires a special method to time it properly.

Block Drain Pipe
*An engine coolant block drain pipe is added on the passenger's side on what used to be the coolant supply line to the differential.
*It is capped off with a rubber cap, simply remove the cap to drain the engine block of coolant.

RL Intake Manifold Notes

*RL Uses a COMPLETELY different upper intake manifold and throttle body base.
*When using the RL intake, it’s recommended to use the RL throttle body it’s redesigned with internally different ports and the EVAP vacuum nipple is facing the wrong way.
*VIS butterfly mid-section has same part number as Legend and is 100% Compatible.
*Lowest section of the intake has a redesigned EGR setup with one hole on the driver’s side instead of 2 and a baffle to prevent debris from entering the intake manifold. Compatible with Legend intake
*Re-designed aluminum billet fuel rail system with different style fuel pressure regulator and addition of muffler to dampen spikes in pressure.
*Elimination of PAIR emissions system.
*Elimination of air boost valve.
*Relocation of air intake temp sensor from front of manifold to rear.
*Relocation of fast idle valve from rear of intake manifold to the top of the throttle body base.
*Relocation of the fast idle valve intake hose from the rear to the front and elimination of the fast idle valve pipe.
*Coolant temperature sensor and gauge sender switch spots on the water bypass. If tearing down the RL manifold, use the Legend water bypass to prevent having to rewire these sensors.
*Requires making extensions and modifications to the wiring harness and vacuum lines to use on the Legend.

When using the RL Intake manifold, use these parts from the RL:
Sensor, air intake (screw in instead of flange)
Fast idle valve (it’s coolant pipes are facing the opposite direction)
Fuel Rails
Fuel Pressure Regulator (different design and fuel pressure)
Throttle Body

Legend Intake Manifold Notes

*Legend manifolds, both the Type I and Type II, bolt directly onto the RL motor when using the RL heads.
*Enables usage of the legend fuel rails and covers for a stealth install and easier parts interchange.
*Does not require modification and elongation of the wire harness.
*In order to use the Legend intake manifolds you must change the pipe under the manifold and the water outlet on the back of the driver’s side head. This is necessary to provide coolant to the fast idle valve.
*When using the Legend intake, it’s recommended to use the Legend Throttle body. The upward facing TPS sensor must be transplanted and calibrated from the RL motor, or a throttle body from a Type II with TCS may be used. The downward facing TPS sensor interferes with the upper timing covers.

Use the following Legend parts with the Legend intake manifold:
Sensor, Air Intake
Fuel Rails
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fast Idle Valve
Throttle Body
Water pipe (under intake manifold)
Water outlet (at rear of driver’s cylinder head)

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