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DIY On How To Remove The Throttle Body On G1 Legend
All right guys, I had just the perfect time to do this DIY. This is for people that are having trouble removing the throttle body or for beginners. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! If something breaks while removing the throttle body, it is not my responsibility of what you broke. Mods, if you like, you guys can move it to the DIY section. I just want people to know here on the G1 section I made this DIY.

Best Place To Do It?
Anywhere. On the drive way, in the garage, or on the side walk.

Time It Takes To Remove Throttle Body?
Between 20-30 min. MAX

Step 1
Tools you will need to remove the throttle body:
10mm & 12mm sockets, small plier, a phillip/flat head screw driver, a 12mm metric wrench, and couple of rags.

Step 2
First thing you wanna do is remove the intake. Since I removed the OEM intake, I have the CAI installed on my car. If you have the OEM, you'd want to remove the hose that connects to the throttle body and to the air box. For CAI, remove the first clamp that is connected to the throttle and remove the tube that connects to the pipe.

Now it should look like this once you remove the tube.

Step 3
With the 10mm socket, remove the 2 bolts on top of the throttle body.

Step 4
Then you wanna remove the upper vacuum hose.

Then there should be a single hose that splits into 2 hose. Remove the single hose.

Step 5
With the 12mm metric, loosen up the right nut that holds the throttle cable in place.

Then slide the nut all the way to the right until it passes over the groove.

With the throttle open, pull the throttle cable to the left so you can pull it out from the groove.

Then you want to remove the pin that holds the throttle cable.

Step 6-Automatic Only, Manual skip to Step 7
Next, you want to remove the cable for the transmission. Again with the 12mm metric, loosen up the nut and slide to the left until its over the groove.

Then pull the tube to the right so you can pull out the cable through the groove and remove the pin that is holding it.

Step 7
Now your gonna have to remove the red hose that connects to the throttle to the fuel pump.

Step 8
Remove the plug on top and bottom of the throttle.

Step 9
This is gonna get a lil messy. This is where your gonna need some rags. I did not remove the 2 hoses that connects to the throttle. If your gonna remove the throttle completely, then your gonna have to remove the 2 hoses. Those hoses have coolant running in the hoses. Mine has the screw on clamps. If you don't have the screw on clamps, then you gonna have to use the small plier to remove the clamp.

For this hose, its a lot easy to remove the right side of the tube.

Step 10-Almost Done
The throttle body is being held by 4 nuts. With the 12mm socket, remove them and slide the throttle out.

Make sure you make a quick notation on the gasket or insulator condition, any sign(s) of crack or distortion will require a replacement, otherwise, you'd have some vacuum issue(s) between the intake plenum and the back of the throttle body!

Congratulations, you just removed the throttle body off the motor. I used the Gumout Carb+Choke Cleaner to clean the throttle. To put everything back in its place, reverse the steps, then test drive to see how it responds.

Thanks for looking and I'm always here to help out my fellow G1 Legends. If you guys have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Peace out world!!


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