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Default Tranny Service (G1 Specific); ATF drain and fill...

This "DIY" procedure will work best if your car is lowered; or slammed like mine

You could also use other methods to raise the front end of the vehicle.
- by using a set of ramps
- or car lifts (if so equipped)

The goal here is to utilize what you've got, and to safely raise the vehicle up in the air.

...Safety Equipments...
- floor jack
- floor jack stand
- wheel chocks
- wood blocks (optional)

...Personal Protective Equipments...
- disposable gloves
- safety glasses

...Tools Required...
- 1/2" drive torque wrench
- 1/2" drive wheel lug nut remover (21mm or 13/16)
- 3/8" drive ratchet
- 5/16" nut drive (optional)
- disposable rags
- oil drain pan
- ATF funnel
- just in case tools (optional)

Note: For your own safety, please protect yourself at all times.

1) Put wheel chocks on the front and back of the rear tire... opted for the driver side.
2) Place the floor jack here.
3) Loosen the front wheel lug nuts on the driver side.
4) Safely raise the driver side front end of the vehicle until the tire is completely off the ground.
5) Take off all four wheel lug nuts completely and remove the wheel, once removed, you'll see this.
6) Put a jack stand here for safety support.
7) Use the 3/8" ratchet drive to loosen the drain plug, if it's stuck, use this, just a love tap to loosen its grip.
8) Position the oil drain pan underneath and carefully remove the drain plug completely.
9) Once the fluid stops dripping, wipe off excess fluid, clean and re-insert drain plug then re-tighten.

Option #1 => If your car is equipped with this, now is the best time to replace it.
- use 5/16" nut driver to loosen both upper and lower clamps
- slide the short piece rubber inlet hose down
- just wiggle and remove the old in-line filter out
- new in-line filter installation in reverse

Option #2 => I performed the following steps, in hoping to get rid of more old fluid out.
- raise the car back up
- remove jack stand
- gently lowered the floor jack and stopped once the front driver side is slightly in an angle
- replace floor jack stand with wood blocks; for weight support... should look something like this
- once the fluid stops dripping, wipe off excess fluid, clean and re-insert drain plug then re-tighten

10) Re-install the wheel back on and hand-tighten all lug nuts
11) Remove floor jack stand (or wood blocks)
12) Slowly lower the car until the tire makes a firm grip to the ground
13) Torque all wheel lug nuts to proper spec
14) Lower the car all the way down
15) Remove the floor jack and safely put it away
16) Now remove both wheel chocks and safely put them away

Though it seems like lots of steps, but it's really not that difficult

Topping off with new fluid... (almost 4 qts. total)
- use ATF funnel when pouring fresh fluid in
- initially pour 3 qts
- starts the car and exercise all gears (might be rough at first)
- put the gear back in "P" and turn off ignition
- check fluid level and top off to normal level as needed

Note: Make sure the car is setting on a level ground; for proper fluid level check.

That's all there is to it
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Take it for a 30-50 mile spin and repeat 2x to remove MOST of the old fluid.

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