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Originally Posted by legend93g2 View Post
Lol i like how the gas tank , brake, and VSS where all on. An how you knew it
oh ya... If im gonna do it I do it. 4 flats can't stop a crazy man.
-Some things never change, and some things do-
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LOL, opening a thread that is at least 7 years old!

A couple of weeks ago, blu was having some fun with an Audi A4 (pretty sure-since it was night time) and I looked down and saw 135 mph as I passed the Audi. I believe the Audi's governor or rev limiter is at 130 mph which may have explained why I passed him or her and I couldn't tell if it was supercharged or not.

... blu has 320K miles on it now and I was a pretty amazed that seemingly I had a lot left to continue.
However, we were starting to get into traffic and curves and I got a touch squirrely in one of em' and decided to shutter down at that speed.

Pretty impressive with that many miles how powerful the original engine still felt.

... blu has what I consider a Type 1.5 with a Type II intake manifold, and most or all bolt ons. Also a Stage III Matthew ECU tune with a full exhaust including headers catless and even the lighten pulleys along with a CAI. I'm sure I'm leaving out a couple three things as well.

One item on my bucket list is to rekindle a thread that's this old and brag a little bit about my 23 year old that I've had 14 years now.

It's nice to have such a nice 5 lane track sooo close to the house...with lane markers to boot!

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Nice to see a zombie thread resurrected that still has working video links. Can't believe I didn't post when this thread first ran. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I had my G1 well over 100 (115 IIRC) when taking my wife to the hospital for the birth of our first daughter. It had more to give, but I could see my FIL in the back seat straining to see the speedometer and thought it best to spare him another heart attack....
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I've had the '89 up to 135, and it wasn't quite topped out.

On another occasion in the same car, I was taking my perpetually late SIL to the airport and to make sure she didn't miss her flight, I had the cruise set at 110. But it rode so smooth she didn't even notice.
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Originally Posted by 94LegendaryAcuraGS View Post
Hmm lets see:
I believe the old '88 Mazda 626 4WS turbo got up to 125. Piece of crap transmission wouldn't go faster (without detonating that is)! hgeez:
I got the '88 Honda Accord Lx-i up to about only 120.
In my '92 Maxima 4DSC I hit at least 130 and once made a 125 mile trip in 48 minutes averaging 105 as soon as I hit the Interstate. Won't try that again in TN headed towards AL.
I never tried pushing my '93 Vigor too hard so maybe only 120.
I've had the '94 Legend up to 135 and kept running out of room due to slow moving traffic 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile ahead.
I've easily had the '06 Infiniti M35 to 140 and ran out of room and courage. That's why I call it "the BEAST". It does 130 in 4th gear and should easily hit the max 160 speedo reading unless the fuel cuts out. That car pulls like nothing I've ever driven. I'd love to drive a GTR!!
Well since this old thread has been revived . . .

The '94 has since my prior post been completely rebuilt. I have some "night time track" video showing the speedo clearly hitting 140 and had some additional gearing to go (not sure if I was in 5th or 6th) but not quite the room so I let off. My stock 93 LS coupe has made it to 130 on the indicator on track driving. The 2010 SH-AWD TL apparently had manufacturer safety parameters in the electronics as it would NOT shift past 4th gear (only had 5 forward gears) without a LOT of "coaxing" and would top out at 130. It was EXTREMELY stable on track at those speeds and I'm sure could have gone MUCH faster had the manufacturer allowed it. I'm probably as close to a GT-R as I'll ever be with my now owned 2013 Infiniti M37S. The track has EASILY seen 140 indicated in 4th and it is about as stable as the SH-AWD was at that speed. Rumor has it these Infiniti's are electronically limited but I had no desire to see where the rest of 4th let alone gears 5 - 7 would take the speedometer. If it is not true the manufacturer has limited the car I can EASILY see it reaching the registered 180 on the speedometer. It is nice having a track membership.
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I've pushed mine to 140, but it feels like it was going passed 140 at some point lol.

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