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Default 94 L Sedan!!!!


I've had a 94 L Sedan since 2010, bought it then with 75k on it. Now has just under 170k. Still a reliable old girl, and is still my daily driver, but I live in NH and winters are hard on her. No major issues for approx. 6 or 7 years but over the last year I have had to do a lot of repairs to keep her going.

This is my first time posting, but since I always try to fix my own stuff, I have referred to this forum to help with repairs in the past and I'm glad that this is available, and I appreciate all the helpful DIY's and tips that people have people posted to others.

This is what I have fixed over the last year:
-thermostat(failed open, over cooling and had no heat in the cab for in the coldest 3 weeks of last winter)
-radiator temp sensor(radiator fan wouldn't kick on)
-radiator hoses(they were crushing when cold)
-belts(precautionary, never changed them before that)
-steering rack bellows(were torn, and letting water in)
-had water in the power steering fluid some how(because of torn boots?) last winter and the fluid would freeze, so changed that, but PS fluid doesn't leak out so I don't know...
-Exhaust: replaced Muffler and mid pipe, new seal for front of cat.(the muffler fell off for the last time!)(air tools are great)
-hack job bodywork on both rear quarter panels and doglegs, for the second time.
-OEM radio tanked, so I had to replace it with an aftermarket unit. The oem radio sent bad singnals to the speakers that made loud popping sound and I think a couple of them are partially torn now but still works though, just can't turn it up extra loud.
-Don't use the key fob anymore because the remote locks don't work when its cold or raining, and most of the time otherwise.
-Both tail lights were letting water in, resealed with silicone, and repaired part of the body where the trunk seal mounts, rusted and leaking. Looks like its all dry in there now.

Current issues:
-ABS light on, code reads for RR sensor, pulled fuses so I don't get random ABS usage. expensive replacement part, this can wait.
-AC fan does not come on at all since I replaced the rad temp sensor, but I left it alone because the AC was still cool this last summer.(I had the relays jumped and both fans stayed on while car was on, until replacing the sensor)
-Burns oil when I start driving after idling for a while(10-15 mins), especially if I use cheap oil when I change it. I used Castrol GTX high milage last time and noticed an improvement over the walmart high milage oil.
-Now I have a leaking fuel filler neck and I can't find a replacement through normal means.(not on rockauto, even though they have the part for the integras of the same year, everywhere else I see a possible replacement its always out of stock or discontinued, and I can't find a salvage yard nearby that has any Legends what so ever, they tell me that they get crushed immediately). I already repaired this part around 3 years ago using steel epoxy, I want to avoid doing that again if possible because it's probably pretty well deteriorated by now, and Idon't want to rig up some aftermarket hack job if I don't have to.

I paid $3600 for this car 8 years ago and it was worth every penny.
I drove her to florida from NH when I moved there about 3 years ago, and drove her back up to NH when I moved back, without a single issue.
She's far from perfect, but she's never let me down.

any advice in the fuel filler neck would be appreciated.
If you have one in good condition and are willing to ship to NH and accept paypal, you can PM me if you want.

Thanks for reading.
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Depending on where the metal tube is leaking, perhaps you could replace a section with rubber fuel hose. I have a couple of older vehicles that came with hose instead of metal tubing for the filler neck. You can buy large diameter hose made specifically for use with gasoline.

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Sorry to hear about your issues. If you need any parts lmk. I'm parting out a 94 GS Auto if you need any parts.

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I repaired the fuel neck with steel epoxy again. Should last a couple years if I'm lucky.
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