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Default Changed front brake pads but air in master cylinder??

I wore my pads down pretty good and changed them with new rotors on front. Then after few days driving noticed pedal was getting stiffer to it's hard to I did a bleed job on all lines in proper order right rear..front left.....left rear..right front......I didn't have help so I open valve pump pedal until all bubbles gone then closed valve kept reservoir that okay I've seen people do same thing still exist....noticed other day I hear air under steering wheel as I push brake pedal......I'm hearing I need special tool because of and sys.........pads on back new changing too but just wanted front ones for now......should I bleed again this time with helper to force air out better??? Or any other suggestions dealing with these legends brake systems.????

Checked all lines no leaks......I don't think master cylinder is bad....but has air in it somehow all of a sudden.......

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You can bleed the brakes by yourself. My procedure is to cut a piece of wood that is the length of the bottom of the brake pedal travel.

-You crack the bleeder on the caliper

-Then push the brake pedal with your hand and insert the piece of wood to hold the pedal down.

-tighten the bleeder

-release the pedal

Do this on all four corners making sure that the master cylinder is at least half full of fluid.

The other thing that you said, "I hear air under steering wheel as I push brake pedal."

This sounds like a brake booster leak. The brake booster helps with distribution of the hydraulic force going to the brake calipers. If you have a bad or leaking brake booster you basically no longer have power brakes and the brake pedal will be hard to push.
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