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Default 1994 Acura Legend 6 speed coupe with 3.5

Update - I'm lowering the price to $5900 and I fixed the EGR Valve problem and added a 530T window control module

I’m selling my 1994 Acura Legend LS 6 speed coupe. I have owned the vehicle for 3 amazing years but it’s time for me to let her go. Over a year ago I replaced the Type II engine with a 3.5L from a low mileage Acura RL (it’s a very common engine swap that people do when they are faced with a blown head gasket, which is the most common problem with this model of Legend) Current mileage is ~194k on the vehicle and ~60K on the new engine. I have a clean Colorado title and I can show you the Carfax vehicle history if you want.

The Car currently has the following (In no particular order)
Low mileage 3.5L Acura RL Engine (mileage around 60K)
Very good condition 6 speed transmission (the synchros and bearings on my old one went out) I just put this transmission in ~3 weeks ago. Shifts smooth! (paid over $1000) just for the transmission.
New Spec Stage 2 Clutch kit (kit includes Clutch, Pressure Plate, TOB, Pilot bearing) (mileage on new kit ~4k)
Resurfaced 5 speed flywheel (same mileage)
New release fork
New release fork hanger
New steel braided hydraulic clutch line
New clutch master cylinder
New clutch slave cylinder
Hardwelded web cams (grinds are 543/660)
New leather interior (leather interior kit from
New tint (27% all around)
New manifold gasket kit
New injector o-rings
New battery (less than 5 months old)
New battery cable
New NGK spark plugs
New alternator
New serpentine belts (Alt, PS, AC)
Light weight aluminum pulleys (set includes, Power Steering, Alternator, Main Pulley and idler pulley)
New digital climate control resistor
New CV-Axles on both sides
Short shifter
Telion Chipped ECU
Alpine Head unit
Infinity Kappa Speakers (Front and rear)
Two 10” subs
Sony Xplode amp
OBX Headers
Custom Y-Pipe
Magnaflow hi-flow cat
Remus universal muffler (sounds amazing)
OEM mug guards (Painted to match with the flex additive)
Type II intake manifold
Drilled brake rotors with Type II calipers
Cold air intake
8000K 55w HID Kit from DDM tuning
Custom LED gauge cluster mod (I will throw in a spare OEM cluster)
Koni red adjustable suspension
OEM 16” wheels (I think they are referred to as “GS” wheels, could be wrong)
Apexi Neo AFC
Prosport Oil pressure gauge (installed but not hooked up)
Custom Center console
Polyfilled all engine mounts (performed during engine swap)
Also I just changed the oil (Mobile 1 full synthetic)
New Honda certified manual transmission fluid (just put it in after I put the new 6 speed in)

Factory options that only LS and GS models have (I think) there may be more but these are the important ones
Digital Climate Control
Heated seats
TCS (Traction control system)
Heated Mirrors
Power rear windows
Telescoping steering wheel
Doors close themselves for reduced cabin noise (option available only on coupes)
Type II gauge cluster (MPH goes to 160)

As an added bonus I will include the following parts

Summer and winter set of OEM floor mats
Summer and winter set of tires
Full GS spare wheel
OEM Type II muffler
OEM Springs and Struts
OEM Gauge Cluster
My original Type II engine (missing the cams, valve covers, manifold) I have the RL manifold on there now
JDM Folding mirrors
Hella Micro DE Fog lights
OEM 94-95 coupe bumper fog light covers
Used but working master brake cylinder

And now for the things that need to be fixed or replaced:
Power steering pump leaks (I’m all but positive that the o-ring between the line and the pump itself needs to be replaced)
The master brake cylinder needs to be replaced (I have a spare one, I just have not installed it)
Some part of the EGR system is throwing a check engine light (I have replaced the EGR vale and cleared the ECU but the problem is still there. With the right parts it should be an easy fix (10 min)
Sunroof does not work (tracks probably just needs to be cleaned out)
On the LED gauge cluster (All gauges work expect for the gas) That’s why I’ll include an additional OEM cluster so you can have a cluster with working gauges (currently I just reset my trip meter every time I get gas)
The antenna has never worked (its down and won’t go up, oddly enough it doesn’t affect the reception) I think there is a second antenna built into the rear window
The piping on the heater core is damaged and currently the entire core is bypassed (its an easy fix one that requires the dash be disassembled and removing the core will also require that the AC be temporally disconnected, which means the AC will have to be recharged) The problem just happened and if I was to keep the car I would wait until fall because I would need AC more than heat during the summer.
The rear passenger quarter panel has some body damage that was repaired. And now the bondo has cracked and needs to be redone (The cracked bondo was like that when I bought the car)
The car was involved in the hail storm of July 4th 2010 (The hood got the worst of it, but the hood already had a large scratch and lots of rock chips from driving)
The overall condition of the body is excellent (no rust) just lots of small scratches and nicks. The car would look amazing after a paint job but I would still rate the paint an 7/10
The windshield is crack and will need to be replaced

I have tried to list as much as I possibly can about the car and I’m being totally honest about all the flaws and things that need repairs.


PM me if you have any questions

Got Boost?

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All I got to say is why?

Originally Posted by Dreams94coupe View Post
I've invested way too much time, money, blood sweat and tears for me to see someone else enjoy it. Only way I'm giving up my Vanessa is till death do us apart.
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"A Legend Never Dies..." -Yours Truly
Originally Posted by kotetu View Post
When something is so obviously wrong and draws your attention this strongly, you should look around to see what it's drawing attention away from.
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Default Dream

Finally my dream car is up for sale. I'm crunching numbers as we speak; not letting my GS go
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Let me just say that I am EXTREMELY interested, this is my DREAM CAR as well. Sounds almost exactly like my 93 3.5 hybrid I built and then sold (well w/o the headers and suspension).

Now I have got to say that the heater core was a bitch to do (more so than the engine IMO) but since I have already done it, and for what you are offering I can do it again given the car. How bad is the hail damage? Also, are the cam's too steep to give adequate low end torque? I will give you a call and send you a PM. I am in the middle of selling my TL-S and really want a daily driver legend and about the only way I would get into a daily driver Legend is if it had a 3.5 in it b/c I have had 8 BHG in the past.

I'll tell you, this is GREAT timing for your ad. I'm in Flagstaff, so I am not too far from you. This very well could work great for both of us, I'll be in touch

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Got Boost?

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Nice ride, I wish I would have remembered to connect with you when I drove through COS last month. Good luck with the sale; looks like a sweet Legend.

Thanks Alex for the sig!
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Damn, nice looking legend, GLWS. To go along with Dream's question... Why?

Originally Posted by xyumyum View Post
Still makes me laugh when I think about it. "I am ze nurse. Ve do vant zhe legends to do ze overheatinggss. "
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Damn, what a Legend. GLWS!

Keep your two cents, I ain't trying to leave you broke.
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Lots of reasons really:
- One of the main reasons is that this car has been an obsession for me and quite frankly an unhealthy one. Im always trying to do improvements or maintenance and I never take time to just enjoy it.

- Over the past three years my wife and I have lived in apartments. So whenever something would break. I have nowhere to work on the car. Sure I have access to friends garages or my parents but that gets old real quick.

- If/when things to need repair. I would have to come up with the money to fix it and I would often be without a car for days/weeks or in the case of my 6-speed transmission going out. Months!!

- I have other things I want to focus my time on this summer.

- I want to transition to getting my jeep ready for summer.

- Im always tempted to try some kind of turbo setup but I fear it will ultimately result in failure on my part and end of costing me even more money. So before I go down that road, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping me avoid that mistake!

- I could go on.

This was my second car car I have ever owned (my first being a 1990 corolla) I bought it as a present to myself after college and I have enjoyed learning a lot about cars. And have made some really good friends in the process. But it is time for me to move on. (Assuming I can sell it)
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