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Default Wiring Confusion - HID Kit

This is the oddest thing to me. Maybe someone can explain it.

I purchased an aftermarket HID kit that offers a "dual beam" via a magnetic reflector that redirects the beam pattern off the single HID bulb. It's a very standard kit and I've installed several other before.

Everything is wired correctly. Turns on fine, low beam is low, high beam is high. I did not have the reversed wiring problem that I've read some others have had, with the low beam turning on the high beam and nothing for the high beam, thus requiring a flip in the wiring harness.

BUT, when I turned on the factory foglights, it triggered the high beam. :dunno: It seems to be a power "bleed." The dash's blue high beam light comes on dimly, suggesting it's not a true full trigger of the high beam. I figured that because the high beam is connected to the fogs, such that when you turn on the high beams, the fogs turn off, there's a bleed in that wiring system, causing voltage to appear in the high beam wiring and it is being picked up by the HID relay.

So, I decided to take the high beams out of the picture entirely and wired the fog light relay to the parking lights:

My relay harness was different, and there was no relay for the taillights in the relay block. So, I ran a wire to the front "city light" in the headlight housing, and jumped it from there.

This is where it gets all whacky:

1. low beam works fine with fog light off.
2. high beam works fine with fog light off.
3. low beam works fine with fog light on.
4. high beam works fine with fog light on.

That being said, since I drive with the car's headlights in "auto" mode, it's fine. The headlights come on without problems and the fogs work without triggering the high beams.

But isolating the fog lights have brought up new issues:

From the off position, when I turn one click to the parking lights, the headlights come on. There is enough voltage going to the HID relay to trigger the HIDs to kick on. If I turn the fogs on at this point, the headlights extinguish and turn off, leaving only the fogs on. Enough voltage is used by the fogs that the voltage sensed by the HID relay is no longer enough to make the HID relay think I'm trying to turn on the headlights. This has only happened after I tapped the fog lights into the parking lights as a trigger for the fog light relay.

I know Honda loves wiring their cars with a rats nest of wires but I'm having a hard time putting my head around the relationship of the fogs to the headlights to figure out how to simply properly isolate the fogs from the headlights entirely.

The car is entirely stock. My folks didn't do a single thing to it. The wiring has never been touched prior to this HID install.

Any light on the problem is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Go to the shop, I had almost the same issue I payed $15 for the install.
acura hid lights
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I'm having the same issue with the fogs triggering the highbeam indicator. I've got the FX-R retro and just recently swapped a heavy duty harness in, instead of the cheap one I had. Funny thing is the cheap one worked flawlessly. I don't think it used a diode to isolate. If I figure it out I will let you know!

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