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Default B&M CommandFlo install on RL fuel pressure regulator

B&M CommandFlo
Small piece of radiator hose
Bench grinder
Side cutters
After installing an RL fuel rail (its shiny and has a dampner) i was left with too much fuel pressure for my type 1. Ive always wanted to tune the pressure to my aftermarket injectors for best results, so i picked up the CommandFlo. I went that route instead of remote mounted for cost sake, as a good quality adjustable fpr and the hoses needed to tap into the RL rail are $300ish. $45 w ship and it uses the stock diaphragm, which can be trusted unlike the cheap crap sold on ebay.
Anywho the problem is that the CommandFlo is meant for a 21mm diameter fpr, like c32 and most other Hondas from the era. The RL fpr is 23.5mm around.
Cut the vacuum nipple off of the RL fpr, and shave off the outer diameter of the tophat at its widest point until you start to see a seam, keep going around until it appears all the way around, and it should iPOP! right off. This will be kinda scary, be prepared. A little deburring with the wire wheel side should loosen the lower part of the tophat ring. Cut that off once loose with some side cutters aka dikes. Now it fits in the Commandflo, but the vacuum side isnt sealed because it fits loose. Find a flat piece of 1/16"-1/8" rubber, part of a rad hose will work. Using the old tophat as a template, cut it to 21mm outer diameter with about a 15mm hole in the middle to expose the diaphragm. This goes on top of the diaphragm, under the new tophat. You can now assemble the CommandFlo according to instructions, but before you do drill out the return side of the RL fpr progressively to a 5/16" bit, then insert a screw into the brass plug uve been drilling out, and pull it out while turning clockwise. This will help lower your fuel temp in the rail.

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I just thew away 3 sets of RL fuel rails, the little bit in your pics looks super clean.


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Nice work Mark!
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