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Default BAD IAC VALVE?? TROUBLE CODE 1..4..6???

Have been battling are erratic idle problem...stalling....cutting off when driving problem for months.......then after doing some trouble shooting cleaned and messed with FIV valve and seemed to help little but idle would go back to crazy.......then unplugged sensor going to IAC VALVE and now idles smooth and normal rang between 500 and 1000 instead of up and down at 1500 ...stumbles just a little on cold mornings for maybe a minute until evens out at first start.........ive left it unplugged last few weeks and it hasn't stalled out driving.....and ran smooth....lowered gas mileage I noticed but no biggie.........

I did jump to one port and got flash code 1...4...6 I'm guessing 146...or 46.......coolant temp sensor
Crank Angle sensor
Right fuel metering

I don't think I read code right but it had one long flash.....then 4 short....then 6 is that 1 ..4..and 6....or just 46???
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The one long and four short is the IACV. You can try removing it (just a couple 12mm bolts and some clamps - have paper towels handy to catch coolant) then clean the ports that mate up to the throttle body with throttle body cleaner and a brush. I also generously loaded up the IACV with cleaner then tipped it over several times until no more carbon buildup poured out. You'll also want to clean the ports on the throttle body and maybe even clean the throttle body while you're at it. I'd let it sit for at least 1/2 hour after cleaning to give the cleaner time to evaporate.

I just had to replace the IACV yesterday because the check engine returned after I'd cleaned it a day prior. The original IACV was clicking like normal, but I noticed that a piece of the o-ring on the plunger flaked off when I cleaned it.

If you're reading the codes correctly, code six is the engine coolant temp sensor. You can remove the connector and test the resistance between the two pins with a multimeter; it should be somewhere around 3K ohms when the car is cold and 200-400 ohms when the car warms and the fans start running.
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