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I remember this discussion from years back and could not resist reading and replying. I have a 2013 Range Rover Sport GT Limited. Bought it new and have been pretty lucky with it thus far. As for the Legend, it is still the way you remember it.
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Originally Posted by Daddykay24 View Post
I remember this discussion from years back and could not resist reading and replying. I have a 2013 Range Rover Sport GT Limited. Bought it new and have been pretty lucky with it thus far. As for the Legend, it is still the way you remember it.
Ah yes, RRS is definitely one awesome truck. It should serve you very well. Just keep an eye on the timing chain guides on that 5 liter v8 at around 75-100k. They wear out and you will start to hear some rattling noises on start up. As for the legend. Iím glad it is the same. This makes me happy, very happy.

Originally Posted by xyumyum View Post
Still makes me laugh when I think about it. "I am ze nurse. Ve do vant zhe legends to do ze overheatinggss. "
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Damn Tom- that was a lot of meat there
I hear you on the whole soul thing and the TL. I can relate now owning my 07 TL-S for quite a few years. It is all the early 90s Hondas/Acuras that have character and after owning for a little while you get a bond with. Most every one I have had and sold I always miss to some extent.
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Now that I have some time to respond to you.....

For starters, your Legend, is alive. It has been disassembled, then reassembled, and now sits. Has not been driven in any way shape or form in a little over a year. I had planned on selling it, you are always welcome to her if you have any interest in her. More on why the Legend is up for sale below.

So, as most know, I have also moved on from the Legend. I own a 2000 Lexus GS300 (daily driven in summer only) and also own a 2003 Lexus GS300 that is my current toy. I have completed a 2jzgte swap, and then took it to a much higher level with a built cylinder head, stock lower end, single turbo conversion to a larger T80/72 hybrid, HKS SSQ bov, 3.75 inch plumbing for the charge pipe from turbo to FMIC and FMIC to TB, 100mm TB, 1200 cc injectors, FMIC, 272/272 cams, driftworks IM, Cusco LSD, Tein Flex Z coil overs, AEM Infinity stand alone EMS, various other electronics include BC, TT, pressure and temp guages etc, and a crap load of after market chassis bracing, 8 bars in total and will likely require a full blown roll cage going forward. And this is just the short list, many more mods. Still not quite 100% complete, but has already been driven from my old home to our new home we purchased last month. To say she is fast is a complete understatement, this car is a BEAST.

So for winter months I am still driving a 2001 Ford Expedition. When she isn't spitting spark plugs out of the cylinders (already have done inserts on 6 of 8 cylinders) she is a freaking tank. BUT, she has 304k...yes you read that right, this is her last winter and I have a 2003 Toyota 4runner on deck to take her place, parents donated their old 4runner as they recently purchased a 2018 Chevy Silverado.

So, I do miss having a Legend, and will eventually get another, but I have my mind set on a JDM RHD KA8, preferably an Alpha Touring. that being said, I enjoy modding the hell out of cars and having a toy, the Legend just didn't fit that bill for me anymore. Parts were getting to be too difficult to get for it, and daily driving them just isn't feasible anymore. They are more of a collector type car than a tuner or daily driver.
Originally Posted by Chrispy
If by some chance I have given you the impression that I care or that I give a f&%k, be advised that this user does, in fact, give less than a fraction of a f&%k what you think. Zero f&%ks have been given by this user in this post. Have a nice day

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So I'm late to the party here. I didn't think SEVEN YEARS had passed on this Tom but I remember the original post as well. I still have the sedan and a coupe both of which could use some love (and warmer weather to show that love). I must say the Legend does have that intangible core to it that just brings a smile to your face when driving it especially when it is running beautifully. I picked up a "new" car back at the end of January and am trying to limit its driving and mileage. I do enjoy the vehicle but don't know if ANYTHING for me will give me that "Legend feeling" again. I'll let everyone know should I come across that vehicle though.
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Thanks Tom for resurrecting this old ass thread or if it was someone else, my apologizes...
I found myself searching for Tom's profound thread, if you will, not too terribly long ago, and finally... wham-OH! I haven't read any of the new comments from Tom yet but did read Chrispy's and Chaka's. I see and totally understand Chrispy's point of view (and excited to know you're looking for another) and feel Chaka's comments for sure.

I'm still daily driving blu and somehow/someway that awesome POS original grocery git'er I adore 90% and the other 10%, well you all know.
Astonishingly, the original C32 is still in the engine bay at last check around 4:00pm CST with 325K hard and quite frequently driven-fast miles on it.

I've easily put $50K (would be less now knowing what I know and not being a mechanic whatsoever even) into a car that wouldn't bring a grand to anyone with a head still on their shoulders but ME.

I still get a uhhh rise every time I hear it crank up and the rise gets uhhhh, even more excited as I pull out of the driveway. The respect that car gets from the tuner 'kids' ...a few adults (heha), and the pure wtf are you still spending on that thing come early and often.

Incidentally, I was cruising on my long drive to church just this morning even, and a dude with long hair in his mid 30's (why the description...adds to my lil story lolz) came jetting up next to me and I thought, here we go again. And OMG, it wasn't a Mustang or Challenger or Charger or Bimmer or... (!!!), it was a pile o' junk Corsica or the like, and he just gave me a thumbs up (and I gave him a big ole' grin) and I proceeded to let him hear a Legend with a full exhaust with headers Stromung - y'all know the drill as I pushed into the throttle a bit.

Anyway, I'm going to re-read Tom's original thread comment about his Legend experience which is right on the bloody money and I acknowledge Tom for writing it and affirming once again why some of us still do what we do with one of the best model cars EVER built. Daily.Drive.It.

And a humongous thanks to everyone for all your help through the years and they ain't over either

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Haven't had a legend in more than 10 years, I think? crowding onto 12 i think?

I still have my Black RL and a devon Slate 96 Premium. But I had moved on fora bit. a Saab 97X SUV with 5.3L V8. and BMW 325xi 5spd manual for daily duties.

Right now, the BMW is headed to its new home, and the Saab is parked, waiting on a 408, so I'mdriving my black RL again.

So technically I haven't "moved on" but I will be buying another BMW (probably an E92) sometime in the future. I've been bitten by the Bimmer Bug and nothing I've driven from Japan can match the feel.
Originally Posted by Telion View Post
...if push came to shove I could probably whip it out but I wanna see someone get started first
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