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Hearing that this years NALM was going to be basically in my backyard got me motivated to get some work done. First step was finding someone to buy the scrap Legend, I've got someone coming to check it out and make me an offer in a few days. It had been parked dead in the garage right next to the Cutlass for quite some time. I pulled all the custom parts off of it and the rest is being scrapped. I'm keeping an eye out for another Legend though, it's still one of my favorite cars. I hooked up a battery, reinstalled the fusebox and ECU and it started right up like a champ. I just needed to back it out of the garage and roll up the windows. No exhaust, it was *loud*. Also, my dumb-ass forgot that the transmission cooler lines weren't hooked up to anything since I pulled the radiator. So, yeah, I leaked out all the transmission fluid in the garage and all the way down the recently bleached driveway, and was barely able to pull it back into the driveway (no trans fluid = no drive!).

Back to THIS project though. I still have the last engine I pulled from the junkyard. It's stripped down to the block and hanging out on a stand. I've already got ALL the gaskets required for a rebuild, but decided I didn't want to go through the trouble of rebuilding it, and I don't know of any machine shops or builders in the area to do it for me. So I went looking for a new complete unit I could just drop in.

So I bought another L67 engine today from an 04 Impala SS. 112K miles on it, compared to the ~200K (i think?) that are on the stripped block from a 2000 Grand Prix GTP. It's being pulled by the guys at the salvage yard some time in the next couple of days, they'll call me when it's ready and I'll go pick it up. Hopefully it's not too filthy, as we learned previously in this build I like things to be clean, but give up when it takes too long TO clean.

It's been so long since I've worked on or thought about this that I've forgotten a whole lot of what needs to be done. I *think* I have most of the parts already. The biggest hurdle I can recall is the wiring harness. I need to re-pin 75% of the wires on the firewall C100 connector. That's one of the things that I got stuck on previously. The documentation for wiring in this swap is virtually non-existent, and on top of that I've found some wire color discrepancies between the factory manual wiring diagrams and my harness.

That's the news for today. I really think this time I'm going to remain motivated for long enough to get this done! I'm super excited to finally get this car back on the road.

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