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When this nation was first founded (under the Articles of Confederation) there was no mechanism to prevent the congress from printing money in excess of productivity. Consequently congress paid for the revolution by printing Continental Dollars. The resulting inflation created the phrase "not worth a Continental". But they learned their lesson and when the Constitution was revised in 1789 they included a provision to tie the Dollar to gold and silver to prevent the unlimited printing of dollars. However, in 1913 Congress abdicated their authority over money by creating the Federal Reserve, which is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a private banking cartel.

This is not the only problem. We (our grandparents) were tricked into passing an Amendment to the Constitution to allow Federal Income Taxes, which has enabled profligate spending. "But don't worry, it will never amount to more that 1 or 2 percent, and then only on the top 1 percent of income earners." Then FDR began the process to take us off the gold standard, which Nixon completed in the 1970's. Are you old enough to remember the Nixon/Carter inflation of the 1970's?

And thus we have a private banking cartel counterfeiting billions of dollars at the behest of corrupt politicians, which drives down the value of every dollar in your pocket. They have found a way to steal from you without you even realizing it.

Most rich people got rich by managing their money well. They don't keep their money in the mattress, they invest in things that either produce income or have intrinsic value. This may seem like a difference without a distinction, but inflation doesn't drive prices up, it drives the value of the dollar down. The rich appear to get richer even when they are merely holding their own against inflation.

A gallon of gas averaged about $0.30 in 1964, the last year coins were made of silver. The current bullion value of a 1964 silver dime is $1.76, which multiplied by 3 equals $5.01, which the current price of gas is quickly approaching.

I respectfully suggest your picture is distorted. Perhaps you were merely reacting to my reference to Biden? It's not a democrat vs. republican thing, both parties are guilty of using the Fed to fund their vote buying schemes. Consider them the republicrat uniparty.

So you see, the prices of used cars are going up not because their intrinsic value is increasing, but because the value of the dollar is plummeting. (Have you seen the prices in the Mecum and Barrett Jackson auctions lately!)

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