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Default No Crank, No start, No response?

Hey everyone,

Recently my Legend (KA9) suddenly gave a crank no start issue, which turned out to be a main relay soldering issue. I managed to fix this by resoldering a bad joint and that fixed the issue.

However since the relay is located just behind the bonnet handle(the handle that pops the bonnet open), getting into there to rebolt the thing into place required a bit of effort. During this process, I as I was turning the bolt with a ratchet, I over turned the ratchet to a point where it hit a Metal(I really don't know the name of this part) where it had a few cables running from it(similar cable attachment to like an amplifier, but soldered on), in return It sparked up, but no smell or smoke came from anywhere.

Suddenly there was no power going into the switch once you turn it what so ever.
You can turn the switch even up to the point of ignition, but there is no response from anything what so ever.

No power to the dashboard, no power to any electronic unit (Except the door lights and interior lights which turn on fine). Even the light surrounding the switch chamber comes on, but nothing else what so ever.

I then checked all the fuses on the driver side and in the engine bay area, but no fuses were blown. I then found where the cables were going into, and detached It, retached it after I unhooked the battery then re-hooked it, but still no response what so ever.

That metal piece with the wires attached to it, is attached to the area of where the ignition coil is, which is attached to the switch chamber.

I'm a bit clueless now to what I should check next or what may have blown or gone wrong, or what I should even replace. Any one have any idea?
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