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Default when "MINT" isn't MINT

There is a thread somewhere here in the Water Cooler where we list our pet peeves.

One of my peeves is someone that describes something as "MINT" condition.

Not specific to here, but on eBay, craigslist, and so on.

To *me* when someone uses the word "MINT" as in "mint condition" it means whatever they are selling should be in brand new condition.

If I go out and buy a brand new Seahawks jacket, bring it home, put it on, look in the mirror and decide I don't like it, and then list it for sale, (to me) that item would be in "mint condition."

Now when I read an ad that says: "Seahawks jacket MINT condition" I expect that item to be 99.99999% out of 100% brand new. But when I look closer at the jacket, there is a stain on the sleeve, or someone ripped out the tag in the back and it separated the threading on the seam, this is obviously not MINT condition.

Main Entry: mint condition
Part of Speech: n
Definition: in new or like-new condition
Example: In stamps, mint condition means unused.
Etymology: 1902

Its a matter of opinion, and I always seem to be over critical, but I wish more people would be more critical of items that they are selling!

BTW this isn't directed at anyone selling anything anywhere at all, I'm just exercising my typing fingers!
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