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Shivank 04-07-2016 07:22 PM

No Crank, No start, No response?
Hey everyone,

Recently my Legend (KA9) suddenly gave a crank no start issue, which turned out to be a main relay soldering issue. I managed to fix this by resoldering a bad joint and that fixed the issue.

However since the relay is located just behind the bonnet handle(the handle that pops the bonnet open), getting into there to rebolt the thing into place required a bit of effort. During this process, I as I was turning the bolt with a ratchet, I over turned the ratchet to a point where it hit a Metal(I really don't know the name of this part) where it had a few cables running from it(similar cable attachment to like an amplifier, but soldered on), in return It sparked up, but no smell or smoke came from anywhere.

Suddenly there was no power going into the switch once you turn it what so ever.
You can turn the switch even up to the point of ignition, but there is no response from anything what so ever.

No power to the dashboard, no power to any electronic unit (Except the door lights and interior lights which turn on fine). Even the light surrounding the switch chamber comes on, but nothing else what so ever.

I then checked all the fuses on the driver side and in the engine bay area, but no fuses were blown. I then found where the cables were going into, and detached It, retached it after I unhooked the battery then re-hooked it, but still no response what so ever.

That metal piece with the wires attached to it, is attached to the area of where the ignition coil is, which is attached to the switch chamber.

I'm a bit clueless now to what I should check next or what may have blown or gone wrong, or what I should even replace. Any one have any idea?

filmshoot 04-08-2016 08:43 AM

I would try to take some photos of this area that you are talking about

Also, I would try to lookup the wiring diagram and see what exactly those wires are for.

hopefully some other members can chime in.

all the best m8

Shivank 04-10-2016 10:26 PM

hey guys, just updating this thread to issue been resolved.

After some thorough research and testing, I found the issue and what caused it.

It was so simple yet completely overlooked.

At this stage unfortunately I do not have some photos I can show but I'll try to break it down as much as possible.

The spark that caused all the havoc.

I had an issue with my Main Relay causing my Legend (KA9) not to start no matter how many times you crank it. After re-soldering the circuit board of the Relay, it started working again :excited:

The Main Relay box was located right above the Lever that opens the Bonnet.
The cables coming out of the relay was also located just above the lever. This meant that in order to bring out the cables and put them back into the relay, I would have to unbolt the screw holding the lever in place.

After unbolting it, putting the Main Relay back into it's box, and re-plugging the cables back into the box, it was time to Bolt the screw for the lever back in it's place. There were 2 screws that required bolting, one located just under the lever attached to the side and another just above the lever, and under the Main relay box(making it a little difficult to get to).

Using a small ratchet extension, I managed to bolt the first back into place( the bottom one) and the second one I had a bit of difficulty bolting due to the tight space I was working with.

Whilst turning the bolt to tighten it a few times, the ratchet handle had hit the Ignition Switch Locker, which attached to it were the 4-5 cables that power almost everything within the vehicle.

The first two knocks didn't do anything.. But the third knock caused a fairly big spark, but no smoke or anything. I had forgotten that the battery was still attached even though the key wasn't in the Ignition(Silly me :ohgeez: ).
So then I thought initially everything was ok, until I tried to start the vehicle and found that there was no power coming into the switch or the dash board, or anything!!!.

After doing some research I found that what the ratchet handle hit was the two of the 5 cables at the same time causing a spark(possible short). This part was where all the power comes into the car from once the key has been turned into II position before cranking.

I unhooked the cable from the Fuse box (Located on the side wall of where the accelerator is) and using a circuit tester, I tested to ensure there was no short in any of the wires.

To my luck, none of the wires were broken or cut because of the spark.. Leaving me to check the fuse box located just under the Bonnet Lever and the one located in the engine bay.

I checked every single Fuse in both sections and none of the looked like they were broken... Until another friend of mine with better eye sight than me, found that there was actually a fuse blown in the engine back fuse box.

It was the Ignitiion Switch fuse 50A amp fuse!!!!.:hitit:

Found a locker Honda wrecker and luckily we were able to get 2 of those fuses for $10!~, brought them back, replaced the fuse. and BAM!!! the vehicle started working and power to everything came back!

I tested all electronics within the vehicle to ensure nothing else was affected and luckily everything was working as they should be.

So there you have it!


And always check the fuses, even if it means getting a second pair of eyes. :D:D

I'll post some shots of the parts and the issue later when I get around to taking some photos and uploading them here.

MondiVTEC 04-19-2016 07:30 AM

glad you fixed it...but who actually pays for fuses??? lolol

hienz1 07-26-2017 02:39 AM

Dude, why EVEN try to do anything with your electrical system without FIRST disconnecting the battery? That is what you should have done, then you wouldn't be having sparking issues. No telling *what* you fried. With that being said, you need to take it to a pro mechanic with diagnostic trouble shooting equipment and know-how. Glad you solved this on your own, but dude........ what were you thinking? What's a "locker Honda wrecker"?

l4zy415 07-26-2017 05:05 PM

Lol this thread was made last year.

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