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Arrow NALM 2022 Bidding Officially Open! Bids Due February 1

Bidding is now open for the 17th Annual National Acura Legend Meet!

The NALM Committee has begun accepting nationwide bids for host cities. Bid guidelines will remain unchanged from prior years and are detailed below. The deadline for bid submission will be Tuesday, 2/1/2022 which should leave a few months of planning time with the ground team of the winning bid to finalize the event. The winning bid will be announced here on the forum on 2/8/2022.

What will you be looking for in my bid?

1. An overview of the event, the big picture, what is your vision for the event?
2. Suggested date range. (3 day weekends are preferred but not mandatory)
3. What does your area have to offer other than NALM events? Think outside of the NALM box. What other attractions are there for families and those who want to get out and see the area in their free time. It is these kinds of attractions that will make or break the attendance of those traveling great distances or who will be bringing significant others or families along.
4. A collection of data that says your locale can support what you say it can.
Such as:
*What track(s) are you renting, if applicable? Are they available on your date? What are the chances you will actually GET those dates?
*What hotels are available and convenient to surrounding events? What are their rates?
*A description of the area. Include details on the area itself, its accessibility, cruising opportunities (ie. driving roads), etc.
*What kind of photo opportunities are available?

How should I submit my bid?

You can submit your proposal in various ways, as long as it isn't a post on the forums (feel free to ask questions or discuss ideas). We are looking for proposals to come in the form of email (, word documents, PDFs.

When are bids due?

All bids are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Bids will be reviewed by the NALM Committee and the final selection will be announced here on the forum on Tuesday, February 8th 2022.

Please keep in mind that a lot of planning and legwork go into pulling off these meets, so those of you who are already working on a bid need to select your ground team thoughtfully. A Ground Team Owner and a couple of Scouts seems to work best from what we can tell, but it's entirely up to you how you want to operate your bid. Once the winning bid is selected, and announcement will be made with the location and tentative dates - and then the ground team and committee will go to work finalizing the details and filtering that information out to the forum.

Now go get those bids done!

Prior NALM Locations:

2005: Dallas, TX
2006: Tulsa, OK
2007: Las Vegas, NV
2008: Chattanooga, TN
2009: Branson, MO
2010: Salt Lake City, UT
2011: Morristown, NJ
2012: Milwaukee, WI
2013: Asheville, NC
2014: Southern California
2015: Houston, TX
2016: Atlanta, GA
2017: Sacramento, CA
2018: Colorado Springs, CO
2019: Daytona Beach, FL
2021: Phoenix, AZ

Check out the NALM Website for a brief overview and history of each of the 16 events.


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