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AckUp 09-16-2019 04:57 AM

Rims from the 90s
Hello all,

I used to own several legends in the past and Im interested in purchasing one in the near future. I have a question.... I would like to know if anyone on here remembers these particular popular rims of the 90s sported on legends, I remember they were called V3s. I believe that was the model. It was a 6 star with gold rivets around. Does anyone remember the brand of that rim? And if I could find those particular rims anywhere or something remotely close to it? Also, if anyone has any pics of those rims it would be great. Thanks

AckUp 11-20-2019 11:45 AM


So I guess no one remembers V3’s?

94LegendaryAcuraGS 11-21-2019 10:39 AM

Hmm the name that came to mind for me was Antera Wheels. After doing a search I don't know if they made a 6 point wheel. They made a VERY popular 3 point star wheel back in the day and a 5 point as well. Sadly there probably aren't very many active members on here that would remember back to the 90s. There were TONS of wheels back then (well I guess that is still the same now) but you'll probably have to find out a little more about who made them or need a picture. Most of the older meet pictures would have likely been on .com and I couldn't tell you if ANYTHING over there is still active. :(

AckUp 11-29-2019 11:20 AM

Thanks for you response and help. I do remember the Antera’s. Especially the 3 spoke. The rims I’m talking about were 6 spoke. But you’re right around the same time line. Another popular rim was the Adonis. Which I did find some pics of on a few websites. I just wish they reintroduce rims sort of like Jordans are reintroduced as retros. That would be cool. Would love to see a legend coupe with some retro V3’s is 20”.

94LegendaryAcuraGS 12-02-2019 07:09 AM

I got to thinking and then it hit me about having a retro wheel link somewhere on the internet. After a few keystrokes this came up: I knew of a company that can remake wheel caps (if you have one of the originals they can clone it) but hadn't thought about anyone remaking the wheels. I suppose if the price was right any cnc machine shop could but probably would need specs or a wheel to get the specs from. I'm on what is now considered an old wheel but it isn't anywhere near as old as the 90s.

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